COVID Conscious

Just Victorians 2022 “COVID Conscious”


The COVID-19 pandemic risks remain in flux with variable levels of community transmission and variant ecologies worldwide and within the United States. The recent worldwide outbreaks of MPX compound these risks and challenges.

Safety, Health, and Responsibility


With the consultation of local epidemiologists, infectious disease, and public health experts, NAVSA 2022 “Just Victorians” has instituted several mitigation measures to reduce the risk of participant exposure to airborne infections like SARS-CoV-2 to the best of our ability. We recognize it is not possible to eliminate risk. But as organizers, we feel it is our responsibility not only to keep our attendees safer but also to reduce our event’s “epidemiological footprint” for the local community (not unlike how vaccination at universities helps protect adjacent communities) and to reduce the infection risk posed to everyone’s contacts on the way home and at home.

Currently, JV 2022’s plans include:

  • Updated information about local community transmission and “community risk levels.” 
  • Mailing free N95s and antigen tests to all who requested them before the conference.
  • Providing free N95 masks and antigen tests throughout the conference.
  • Ascertaining ventilation capacities of conference venues.
  • Measuring CO2 levels and relative humidity in rooms.
  • Incorporating auxiliary air purification where needed with Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes. *based on occupancies* 
  • Incorporating hybrid options for a portion of the conference to reduce indoor crowding and travel.
  • Providing full refunds if attendees become sick before the conference and cannot attend or providing the possibility for a remote presentation slot if capacity allows.
  • Financial assistance for attendees that become ill during the conference and require extended room stays or new rooms in the case of a shared room situation.

Independent of the organizers, the Hotel Bethlehem employs a REME HALO air purification system.

If you would like two complimentary 3M Aura N95 masks mailed to you, please fill out that field in your registration form. If you have registered but did not elect a free mask mailed and have changed your mind, please request one here.

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