Transfer to Lehigh

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 1, we will be moving the conference to the beautiful campus of Lehigh University.

While at Lehigh, we will be using several buildings (circled in the below map):

  1. Williams Hall is home to Lehigh’s Interdisciplinary Programs and will serve as our main conference site on campus and house numerous panels and seminars. The shuttles will drop off and pick up near the entrance to Williams.
  2. Linderman Library is Lehigh’s historic Humanities Library and will house numerous panels and the archival workshop. We will host a Victorian book exhibit in the Bayer Galleria (Linderman 342). Linderman is located next to Williams.
  3. Fairchild Martindale Library is Lehigh’s Science Library and will house our hybrid/remote panels on Saturday afternoon in Room 520 (which is actually one floor up from the main entrance). 
  4. Lehigh University Arts Gallery will host our closing reception in collaboration with Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom. The gallery is located on the first floor of the Zoellner Arts Center. The New York Philharmonic is performing at 7 pm on the evening of Saturday, October 1, at the Zoellner Arts Center.
  5. Lehigh College of Business/Rauch Business Center will serve as the host of the Theatre Caucus Performance. This will take place in Rauch 184.

Due to limited and metered campus parking requirements, we are pleased to offer free shuttle services to transport participants to/from Hotel Bethlehem and Lehigh University on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Shuttles to Lehigh University will run every 20 minutes starting at 12:30 pm and ending at 2:10 pm. Shuttles will pick up passengers at the sidewalk next to Central Moravian Church (circled on the below map) at the following times:

          • 12:30 pm (first shuttle to Lehigh)
          • 12:50 pm
          • 1:10 pm
          • 1:30 pm
          • 1:50 pm
          • 2:10 pm (last shuttle to Lehigh)

Hotel Bethlehem will also provide transportation, as needed, to Lehigh using two, 4 passengers Navigators, and one, 8-10 passenger shuttle.

Please note that each mode of transportation will have a limited number of seats (minimum of 4; maximum of 25). Please be sure to plan accordingly.

Shuttles returning to Hotel Bethlehem will run every 10 minutes starting at 6:50 pm and ending at 8:40 am. Please be sure to plan accordingly. Shuttles will depart from Williams Hall (circled on the below map) at the following times.

          • 6:50 pm (first shuttle returning to Hotel Bethlehem)
          • 7:00 pm
          • 7:10 pm
          • 7:20 pm
          • 7:30 pm
          • 7:40 pm
          • 7:50 pm
          • 8:00 pm
          • 8:10 pm
          • 8:20 pm
          • 8:30 pm
          • 8:40 pm (last shuttle returning to Hotel Bethlehem)

A 14-passenger shuttle and a 25-passenger shuttle will be used for the transfer back to Hotel Bethlehem. Due to the maximum capacity please plan accordingly.

Participants staying on or around campus beyond 8:40 pm for whatever reason will need to make separate transportation arrangements.

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