Getting Help

CDC: What to do if you test positive or feel sick?


Though JV organizers can’t provide medical advice, we are available to assist conference participants in answering questions, provide masks and tests free of charge, and help address concerns about logistics in the event of illness. Please contact us if you cannot attend the conference due to illness. We can provide you with a refund or can try to find a presentation accommodation to the best of our ability.

We encourage attendees to test during the conference and also ask that attendees not attend events if they are positive.  If you have a positive result on a rapid test and need help getting a confirmatory rapid-PCR test or any other support, please text (833) 676-3967. Support can include: needing help with PPE (personal protective equipment), tests, food delivery, and/or financial and logistical assistance getting/paying for a single room if you are sharing.

Urgent Care Centers near Conference Venues


Emergency Rooms


Local Test-to-Treat Sites


Public Health Links

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