Professionalization Workshops

The Professionalization Workshops are FREE to attend!

Academic Publishing

Dennis Denisoff, University of Tulsa

In this session, Dennis will facilitate a conversation about how to write a conference abstract, how to write the opening paragraph of an article, and how to write a monograph proposal. He will then lead a group discussion about issues graduate students find most concerning about their aspirations and the academic reality today. 


Applying for Academic Jobs
Devin Garofalo, University of North Texas

During the session, we will discuss and look at models of the major “genres” of academic job materials (cover letters, research, and teaching statements, etc.), work together to break down real academic job ads, discuss and practice tailoring materials to those ads, and share strategies for taking care as you apply for these positions.

Instructional Design in Big Tech

Aubrey Plourde, University of Lynchburg

This session focuses on instructional design as a career direction for PhDs in the humanities. Participants can expect to survey examples of the kind of work a curriculum or instructional designer might produce at a large tech firm and to leave with a plan for converting academic teaching materials into example projects for an ID/CD job posting. Topics for discussion and workshop may include: preparing an instructional design portfolio, moving out of or back into the academic sphere, and/or how instructional design may differ from pedagogy as it is usually understood.

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